Downtown Fort Lauderdale skate park is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Downtown Fort Lauderdale skate park is exactly what the doctor ordered.


“Plans for a downtown skate park are up in the air.

Seven stories up, to be exact.

Skateboarders could reach new heights if the city decides the perfect place for a skate park is alongside a helipad on the roof of the City Park Garage in the 100 block of Southeast Second Street.” – Sun Sentinel

When I was a youth growing up bicycling, rollerblading, and skateboarding everywhere I could in this town I would have blown a gasket if I heard about this. For me this project is about a decade too late but I am still excited about the prospect of having a skate park built in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Regardless of the location, building a skate park downtown would give kids a safe place to hang out, socialize, and maybe put down those cellular telephones and gameboys for a few hours so they can get some exercise. It would be pretty cool if the city’s skate park was on the roof of a parking garage though.,0,243686.story

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