The Megabus is coming to Fort Lauderdale!

The Megabus is coming to Fort Lauderdale!


I am sure when people who do not live in Florida take a look at us on a map, they often think, “Wow, everything in Florida is so close! Orlando is right around the corner…” it’s not. It’s 3 hours away.

Living in Fort Lauderdale, we sometimes feel spoiled as most of us do not go outside of our 15 minute travel radius. Especially when thinking of planning a trip to Florida’s West Coast or Orlando.

But things got a lot more convenient for us, as the Megabus is now offering services from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando and Tampa. Megabus is a bus service that offers city to city travel at a very low price. With fares (sometimes) starting as low as a $1, it is hard to beat this option.

Most of us at Sterling Teetor Realty Group have used the Megabus to travel around the North East, and I must say it is quick and easy way to get from point A to point B, not to mention ridiculously cheap. The single and double decker buses are fully air conditioned, offer free wifi, at seat plug ins, and have very comfortable seats. Megabus makes the long drive across the state quite relaxing, without having the stress of being the driver.

We can only hope next that the Megabus will add a direct route to Tallahassee and Gainesville from Fort Lauderdale,  just in time for football season.


For Schedules and More Megabus Information


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