Cyd Sterling Realtor with Sterling Teetor Realty

Cyd Sterling


From Fort Lauderdale, FL

Cyd Sterling understands the importance of finding the right community, and the right school, for your family. She has taught mathematics at Fort Lauderdale High school for over twenty years and was an active participant in elevating it to an A school. Her children attended Bayview Elementary where she frequently volunteered, and she also spent time volunteering at Harbordale Elementary: both are A schools. She has always been interested in real estate, which was one of her grandfather’s pursuits when he settled in Fort Lauderdale in the 1920’s. Growing up here, she knows the area inside and out and specializes in helping people find affordable housing that meets their needs. She was thrilled to join her sister-in-law and nephews in their real estate company, Sterling Teetor Realty Group, and she dedicates herself to giving 110% to her clients.

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