New Year Resolutions Your Home Is Asking For!

New Year Resolutions Your Home Is Asking For!

New year, new me! That’s what we all say when January one approaches. But if your house could talk, what would it say? New year, new roof? New year, clean closet? But houses, they are different, they aren’t looking for a diet or quick fix to their problems. They are searching for long term, sustainable improvements that will be fruitful for months and years to come! This has been a point of discussion for a couple of weeks now around the office, and we have come up with a few answers for you and your home!


1. Save your coins!

energy efficiency florida

As a home owner in South Florida it is extremely important to watch where your money is going. When you are spending too much on electricity or monthly upkeep, it takes away from more important things like home improvement and your savings account! Consider switching your basic energy sucking devices into a more green and sustainable system. LED light bulbs, double pane windows and energy efficient appliances are just a few ways you can save your money while helping the environment.


2. Give your house a facelift, DIY style

diy fort lauderdale

With websites like Pinterest and YouTube it has never been easier to makeover your home on your own. You can virtually find anything you need in ten-seconds or less. Check out the DIY Network or The Spruce for a ton of great do it yourself projects for homes in Florida that will make you look and feel like a pro.


3. Kick off Spring cleaning early

spring cleaning florida

We know spring cleaning is right around the corner, but there is no harm in getting the party started a few weeks earlier than usual. It feels so satisfying to de-clutter your life and your home will feel the same way. Reorganize all your closets, kitchen cabinets and under the bed — remove anything you haven’t used in the last six months.


4. Safeguard your home from the inside out!

home security fort lauderdale

It is not only important to update your security system, but also to consider replacing your smoke detector or other safety devices you have in your home! Although we are sure you have everything under control it doesn’t hurt to double check the little things around the house that keep you safe. Checking them now could prevent them from becoming big problems in the long run!

What are some New Year Resolutions your home would want you to make? Set yourself up for success as a homeowner in Fort Lauderdale this 2019 season, by completing small improvements and uplifting projects to your home!


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