What to Look for During Your Final Walk-Through

What to Look for During Your Final Walk-Through

When you’re so close to getting your hands on the keys to your new place, it’s easy to want to quickly wrap up the home-buying process. But taking your time through those final steps can prove worthwhile in ensuring that everything is good to go. Before you close, we’re sharing some advice on what to look for during your final walk-through to make sure the house of your dreams really is as good as it seems.


Plumbing Inspection

All Electrical and Plumbing

It may seem excessive, but take the time to check everything as you make your way through the house. This will alert you to any potential problems that may have come up since your initial walk-through. Light switches, sinks, toilets, you want to confirm that everything is working properly so there will be no surprises after a tiring move-in day.


Repairs Inspection

Any Repairs Completed

Were there any repairs the seller agreed to fix upon closing? Now’s the time to verify those projects were completed. We suggest bringing a copy of the home inspector’s report to use as a checklist on your walk-through. Test every repair and if something wasn’t fixed as agreed, let your agent know as soon as possible.


Damage Inspection

New Damages

Normal wear and tear is to be expected—whether you’re moving in or moving out. But keep an eye out for any new, serious damages and discuss with your agent and the sellers to reach an agreement. If the sellers broke something, they can be responsible for covering the costs to fix it.


Appliances Inspection

Check Appliances

No need to run the dishes through a complete cycle in the dishwasher, but at least check to see that all appliances are turning on, off, and running as they should. Look for leaks and ensure they’re in good condition so you won’t have to be making any last-minute purchases after the fact.

When it comes to your home’s foundation and security, you can never be too cautious or too prepared. Now, go grab those keys! Work with one of our real estate experts to ensure your inspection goes smoothly.

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