5 Simple DIY Hacks to Increase Your Home’s Value

5 Simple DIY Hacks to Increase Your Home’s Value

These easy do-it-yourself home improvement projects will save you money and increase your home’s value.

Increasing your home’s value doesn’t mean dishing out thousands of dollars anymore. The rise of DIY has made it easier than ever to tackle home improvement tasks like a pro without the costs. Of course, with big remodels we suggest actually going with a pro. But sometimes the littlest of improvements make the biggest difference in home value. And when it comes down to those little changes, there’s nothing better than saying you did it yourself.


1. Find Your Inspiration

First things first, get creative. No need to hire a designer when you can access the latest trends and design inspiration through magazines, books and online home improvement sites. Whether you’re creating an old-fashioned mood board from magazine clippings or taking to Pinterest to keep all of your ideas organized, you’ll feel the creative ideas flowing right away.


2. All New Paint

new coat of paint

Seriously, there’s nothing easier or more cost-effective than a new coat of paint. We suggest going with neutral colors for walls, which will attract more people and make your home look more desirable. Overall, repainting will help give your space a clean, refreshing update that won’t cost a fortune.


3. Scratch the Popcorn

Great at movies, not so great in your house. Popcorn ceilings can immediately date your home and disinterest potential buyers. Buy a solution to soften the material and take a scraper to your ceiling for an easy solution to boost your home’s value. Just like paint, a smooth ceiling gives your space the restart button it needs to attract buyers. Here’s how to remove popcorn ceilings.

4. Plant Neutral Landscape

neutral landscaping

Not looking to sell anytime soon? You can still get ahead on increasing your home’s value with simple landscape improvements like planting a tree. By the time you’re ready to sell, the tree will be a fully matured feature that’s good for the environment, offers shading, cuts down on cooling costs, and instantly makes a house feel like a well-loved home.


5. Update Flooring

update flooring

We’re not talking about installing brand new wood floors (although, if you can it’s never a bad idea). But is your carpet looking a little tired? Area rugs stained? While these are normal signs of wear and tear, you don’t want to give buyers the idea that the flooring needs to be completely redone the moment they move in. Find simple, neutral area rugs to replace your old ones. And you can give your carpet an efficient wash by renting a carpet cleaner from your local home improvement store. The result doesn’t have to be spotless, but getting rid of those main stains or discolorations will give your space a much-needed fresh start.


Looking for more DIY advice? Contact us to get started!

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