5 Things Sellers Do That Realtors Don’t Like

5 Things Sellers Do That Realtors Don’t Like

Your South Florida real estate agent is ready to help you sell your home as quickly as possible, for as much money as possible, given the current market conditions. The selling process is really a partnership, a seller and a realtor working together— or at least it should be.

Unfortunately, some sellers think that they understand the business of selling homes better than someone who has been doing it successfully for years. You probably don’t want to be of those overly confident sellers. Your goal is to be a helpful seller who makes your agent’s job easier and smooths out the process for everyone.

Want to know how to have a successful partnership with your realtor? It’s simple— avoid doing these seven things.

1. Hanging Around Too Much

You’re excited to sell your home, and that’s a good thing. You have probably been thinking of selling strategies, ways to lure buyers, wording that can make your property sound like heaven on earth. You’ve been waiting for a chance to test out those winning phrases on some prospective buyers. But let’s face it— you’re not going to be helpful.

Many real estate agents confess that their buyers express a desire to leave if the home’s owners are present at the open house. Instead of giving the buyers space to relax and look around, the sellers inadvertently make the situation awkward and introduce unnecessary pressure. Take a step back, and leave it up to the agent. When it’s time for the open house, get out of the house. Leave the realtor in charge, grab your keys, and scoot. Take the kids to the playground, go shopping, get a pedicure, hit the golf course— whatever you like to do, go and do it; and try not to think too hard about what is going on at the open house. Your realtor is more than capable of handling the event with ease and professionalism; he or she doesn’t need you to be there.

2. Failing to Follow Through with Repairs

Instead of showing the house as-is and then promising to do costly repairs, invest the time and money before you even list the home. When you repair a damaged door, a faulty AC unit, a finicky light fixture, or a broken tile before buyers walk through, the overall impression of the home is much better, and the realtor won’t have to keep dealing with those issues as the buyer notices them.

Sometimes, sellers are in too much of a hurry to unload the home. They list it  and then they promise buyers that they will fix a specific list of problems. If the seller fails to follow through, the prospective buyers become disgruntled, and the real estate agent is left in the middle, trying to keep both sides happy and work it all out. As the seller, you have two options. Make repairs ahead of time and don’t promise any additional fixes; or include the list of needed repairs in the contract and then follow through quickly and effectively.

3. Over-Selling the Upgrades

You may be very excited about the thick, rich, expensive carpet that you recently installed in the master suite, and you may want to emphasize it as a selling point. But what if a potential buyer has allergies and therefore prefers hardwood floors? By placing too much emphasis on that supposed upgrade, you may actually turn away a serious buyer. Did you splurge and install a jetted tub in the bathroom last Christmas? Some buyers may appreciate that feature, but others just see it as an unnecessary complication, something that will need costly upkeep. Focus on the basics that everyone wants, like space, lighting, a new roof or HVAC system, and similar selling points. Better yet, let your realtor decide which upgrades to emphasize with clients.

4. Being Messy

You may still need to live in your home while you are trying to sell it. Perhaps you had your home professionally staged and arranged to crisp perfection, but if you are still living in it, chances are that it won’t look pristine all the time. However, your realtor could call or text at any minute, letting you know of a potential buyer’s desire to see the home right away. In that situation, you’ll need to get out of the house fast. Don’t leave a mess behind, or your real estate agent will have to struggle through the showing, apologizing for the havoc around every corner.

Instead of running out the door and leaving chaos behind you, keep the house picked up throughout the day. When the meal is done, wash the dishes, dry them, and put them away instead of leaving them in the sink. Empty the trash when it’s half full instead of when it is smelly and packed to the brim. After you decide which movie to watch, replace the others neatly inside the cabinet or drawer of your entertainment center. Maintaining the neat look is especially challenging if you have small children; but do your best to keep toys, clothes, and other items picked up and put away. Have an exit plan in place, and leave tote bags and bins near the door so that you can toss miscellaneous items into them and take them with you as you leave.

5. Waiting for a Dream Offer

Of course you want an amazing offer on your home, but try to keep your expectations reasonable. You may see another home down the street sell for a higher price, and you may want to get the same price for your house. However, there may be other factors involved with that sale that don’t apply to your situation. When you see a good offer on the table, one that’s very close to or right at the list price, don’t try to hold out for a higher price. If you pass up this offer, you may wait a long time before another comes in— and you may end up settling for a lower price.

If this is your first time working with a realtor, understand that your agent is on your side. After all, if agents don’t sell homes, they don’t get paid. It’s in their best interest to get you the highest possible price for your home, all within the confines of fair market value and comparables in the area. Take some time at the beginning of the process to talk to your realtor about your expectations. Ask your realtor to be honest and let you know if you accidentally start to sabotage to process. With humility and teamwork, you and your real estate agent can form a genuine partnership that yields excellent results.

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